Below are a few monologue choices that you can use when auditioning with us. These are by no means exhaustive and are just a few examples if you're struggling to find something suitable.


When choosing your monologue it's always best to try and pick something that resonates with you. I.e. if you're 19 years old don't pick a monologue where you're a 49 year old mother of five! Choose something relevant to you. It can be from film, tv or theatre and should be roughly between 2 - 3 mins long...  Good luck.


(Please note, some monologues may contain swearing).



Drama: Women cheating on her partner.

Comedy: Women with no sense of smell tells her support group.

Drama: Teenage girl talks about her dead Uncle.

Drama: A young murderer explains to police the thrill she gets from killing.

Comedy: Stupid girl speaking on the phone to emergency services.

Drama: Girl talks about losing her brother to war.

Comedy/drama: Monologue about a failed marriage attempt.

 Character who believes that being persuaded to buy things is a conspiracy.

Comedy: A professional American football player prays to Jesus.

Drama: A psycho gangster monologue about gangs.

 Comedy/Drama: Guy talks about being dumped.

 Drama: Rant about political and social injustice.

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