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Meet The Team At Middleweek Newton

Lucy Middleweek


Following a brief career as an actress, Lucy began working as an assistant in a number of well-established, UK-based, casting and management offices. In 2009, she had the opportunity to set up and build her own client list, within a newly-formed agency: Hoxton Street Management.

Tom Newton joined Lucy at Hoxton in 2011, by which time, and under Lucy's guidance, a small cohort of young clients had become highly sought-after. She continued at Hoxton until 2013 when she and Tom established Middleweek Newton Talent Management. Lucy believes that her own early experience as an actress has benefited her career as an agent, allowing her more fully to empathise with, and invest in, her clients' professional development.

'Tom and I set up Middleweek Newton Talent Management in 2013. I represent actors of all ages and experience: from their first professional job, to career-defining roles. I support my clients, advising and managing their occupational choices, with the intention of creating a lasting, happy and impactful career. I feel lucky to be part of such a positive, ambitious company and am pleased to have amassed such a talented and good-natured team. As our company continues to grow and prosper, my passion has always been in the discovery and development of talent.'

Thomas Newton


Tom began his working career in 2007 as a casting assistant for Gail Stevens. From there he went on to freelance for a number of prestigious casting directors, including: Nina Gold, Andy Morgan, Jeremy Zimmerman, and Gary Davy. As Tom progressed he was given the opportunity to set up a new acting division within Cassius Management, a sub-division of global brand 'Kentaro', one of the world’s leading marketing agencies. Cassius’s role was to represent and manage the careers of professional actors, both established and emerging.

'Lucy and I began Middleweek Newton (MN)Talent Management together in 2013, at which time I diverted my focus from management to the development of MN Academy, whose goal has been to provide new and emerging talent for the books of our agency.

Film production is an area I'm passionate about developing under the MN banner, and in 2022 I spearheaded our move into this area with the feature film: ‘A Violent Man’. MN is, and always has been, a close-knit team, as we continue to grow, I hope to develop our brand further by moving into new and exciting arenas within the film, television, and theatre industry.'

Eliot Hankins


Eliot worked as Facilities Manager for The Farm Group in 2002, before being signed to The BWH agency in 2005. Later that year an opportunity arose to work in Production, and it was at this point that Eliot decided to work behind the camera. By 2010, he was V.P. and Head of UK Production for an Interactive TV Company. After meeting with Tom in early 2013, Eliot pitched to Lucy and Tom about joining their newly-founded company. After six years, Eliot was made Partner and, subsequently, Director in late 2021. 


'I recall meeting with Tom over coffee every few weeks, and hearing about the work that was going on at Middleweek Newton. I had spent nearly ten years in Production by that stage, and was ready to be part of something new and exciting. My focus is now with the Academy: helping to train and develop actors, whilst providing them an opportunity to work with our Agency.

We're at an exciting juncture at the moment, with our casting studios and recently established involvement in film production. The Academy and Agency continue to work closely together and it's extremely rewarding to see a number of our students go on to forge successful careers in the Industry.'

Olivia Jaggers


After graduating from Royal Holloway University, Olivia spent five years gaining experience at various agencies, including Hamilton Hodell and DAA, before settling as assistant to the legendary Jean Diamond. Whilst there, she worked with some of the most established names in British Film, TV and Theatre. Olivia joined the MN team as an agent in 2018, taking on clients from our own MN Academy, as well as drama schools and beyond.


'I am excited to be doing this at a time when emerging talent and diversity are not only being celebrated but also recognised as intrinsic to the success of the arts. I am the token Shakespeare fanatic of the office, but my tastes are by no means limited to the Classics, I’m also a fan of anything that’s shown on HayU! Working with unique, kind and ambitious actors is what I love and hope to continue to do at MN'.

Ileana Cillario


From an early age Ileana has had a passion for film, television and books, her eagerness led to the New York Film Academy where she studied for three years. After graduating she returned home to Italy and began work as an editor and director of Sky review show ’Il Cinemaniaco di Gianni Canova'. She was further employed by Sky Atlantic and E News. Ileana moved to the UK and joined Middleweek Newton Talent Management as an assistant in 2015, working under the guidance of Lucy Middleweek. Ileana has since gone onto become an agent in her own right, she now manages a client list of actors and continues to operate as an integral member of the MN team.


'I moved to London in 2015 where my obsession with theatre took hold. I began working for Middleweek Newton during the company's second year, left for a short period and gained further experience working for DAA and Jane Lehrer Associates, before returning to Middleweek Newton full time. Now a fully-fledged agent, I am really enjoying building my own list while co-agenting with Lucy. I don’t look for any one thing in a client, instead I find myself drawn to uniquely talented individuals, who I connect with on a personal level'.

Sophie Holt


Sophie graduated from the University of Chichester in 2015 gaining a BA in Dance, later that year she began working as a part-time teacher for MN Academy. After obtaining a Masters in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, in 2018 Sophie joined MN full-time. Her responsibilites include managing, coordinating and further developing MN's co-curricular division, this has led to promoting the MN brand within schools throughout the South East. She has been a driving force during MN's application in attaining awarding body status from Ofqual, The Office Of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation and will be an integral member of the management team for what will be, the MN Awards.

'I have taught in a variety of settings including primary and secondary, as well as full-time dance and acting schools. I have worked within education in some form or another since I was sixteen years old and have always wanted to work in a professional setting that allowed me to merge my passion for the creative arts, with formal education. I enjoy thinking up new and engaging projects to get our teeth stuck into. My aim is to encourage, work outside of the box and harness the power of creative thinking!'

Jude Brading


Jude joined the Middleweek Newton team in 2021, fresh out of university. He is now a full-time assistant to the Agency and supports the MN team on a number of fronts.


Like many young people who have just graduated, I was thrown right into the thick of looking for a job without so much as a pause for thought. As someone who has always been interested in arts and entertainment, I feel fortunate to have joined the MN team.


It has offered me a unique opportunity to peek behind the red curtain and see how the industry operates, and I hope to continue learning and growing with the Agency into the future.

Cromer Studio's recption area, London, England

Middleweek Newton was founded by Lucy Middleweek and Tom Newton.


MN Actors Academy came about due to the interest we received from large volumes of actors applying for representation. Our part-time course provides an opportunity to learn new skills in a professional environment, at an affordable cost, while our agents use the sessions to scout new talent for the books of our agency Middleweek Newton Talent Management. We clearly state that by attending classes there are no guarantees of professional representation, however, our mission is and always has been to uncover new talent via our classes.

Diversity within the entertainment industry matters. Bringing together people of various backgrounds with different life experiences can generate ideas or perspectives that our audiences may not have ever considered or been aware of. Growing contact with, exposure to, and communication between new people with unique ideas bring about forms of drama, comedy, and tragedy that keep our industry entertaining. 


Our sessions were formed with the above in mind. We do not claim to be an alternative to university level accredited drama schools, but understand the financial burdens of drama school is unaffordable for some. We endeavour to deliver quality workshops, via working industry professionals.

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