MN Academy, developing Talent.

MN Actors Academy provides excellent coaching at an affordable cost - A grassroots system for our agency Middleweek Newton Talent Management and the industry on the whole.

It's not work. It's a life's work.

Well-equipped classes and one of the most renowned agencies in the industry for unearthing talent, we have become a popular part-time course for actors seeking more training. The sustainable development of our actors has been in contrast to the conventions of our industry and our agency has benefitted from the long-standing association. ​


We innovate and experiment. For the young it's about having fun, growing in confidence, and excelling. For adults, it's about challenging conventions, breaking habits, and understanding performance. 


Unfortunately, we can't promise representation for all who attend the Academy, but guarantee a level of growth and understanding. For those who are interested in pursuing a professional career, we are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on how to move forward.  The lure of professional representation should not be the deciding factor in your application.


Any questions regarding our sessions please contact our office directly. To join us, all students are asked to attend and partake in one of our free audition days.