A history of working from the ground up
LONDON (16 - 30+)
WINDSOR (6 - 18)

Our academy is an in-house grassroots system for Middleweek Newton Talent Management (one of the leading acting agencies for raw talent) and play a vital role in enhancing the performance of our students by providing access to excellent coaching at an affordable cost.


With well-equipped classes and one of the most renowned names in the industry for developing talent through our youth academy system, our agency has grown from the bottom-up. The sustainable development of our young people has been in contrast to the conventions of our industry and is in response to what at times can feel like a 'locked door'.


We innovate and experiment. For the young it's about having fun, growing in confidence and grasping the basics. For the over 18's it's about challenging convention, breaking habits and understanding performance. 


Unfortunately we can't promise representation for all who attend the Academy, but guarantee a level of growth and understanding. For those who are interested in pursuing a professional career, we are always on hand to offer advice and guidance in how to move forward. 

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